The African Studies Students’ Association (ASSA) is the postgraduate student body of our Institute. ASSA gives room for its members to learn, serve, lead and grow as scholars in the fields of African Studies as conceptualized in our Institute. It provides a good balance between schoolwork and other pursuits, especially socially conscious engagements, helping its members to relax, reduce the stress of study, stay healthy, while keeping up academically.

ASSA also provides opportunities for its members to get involved in student politics, with all the skills of teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution that come with that terrain. It advocates on their behalf vis-à-vis the management of the Institute as well as that of the University.

ASSA organizes a monthly African Village Square, in collaboration with other youth agents and agencies within the university community and beyond, and the weekly Thursday Film Screening with the assistance of the Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique (IFRA), a French research institute whose offices are located within the complex of our Institute.

By fostering great friendship and taking part in ASSA activities, our members make the most of their time as university students — and find out who they are. Whether they are interested in arts, culture, gender issues, media, history, politics, or the environment, there are opportunities for our members to get involved and connect with other students.