Research Projects

Current research projects at the Institute include the following:

Intracontinental Issues (The state of affairs within African societies, including questions of identities, gender/sexuality/human rights; intracontinental mobilities; cultural production/the reproduction of culture: industries of popular culture, new media technologies, African futures, etc.; their implications in regard to citizenship, society, the polity, the economy, and development).

Transcontinental Connections (African diasporas in far-flung centres around the world: continuities, ruptures and linkages; enfranchising the diaspora; Africa and China, etc.).

Archives Past and Present (Criticality in documentation; revisiting archives; archives of emergent cultural forms and practices; documenting the past in the present (enduring practices in religion, science, technology, ways of being and ways of understanding); African futures; digitization drive; etc.).

Decolonizing African Studies (pedagogy, research, epistemology, belief systems and imaginaries, next-generation postgraduate researchers, etc.).